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The Introvert’s Guide to Networking at a Conference

My friend was recently excited about a conference but terrified of going and getting overwhelmed. He texted me: “Help! do you have any good networking advice for introverts at conferences?”  Conferences are a great way to meet people, and it’s one of the best ways I’ve used to reach out to new people, connect withKeep Reading

Want to stand out?

In a recent conversation with Daniel Epstein (founder of the Unreasonable Institute and more recently Unreasonable Media), we started talking about what people do to stand out. And we agreed–it’s not that complicated: Ask for what you want. Follow up on that ask. And then follow through. In the following example, all of my numbers are made up. But let’s play with aKeep Reading

How do you combat loneliness? A brand new talk at ALIVE in Berlin + an epic scholarship opportunity worth $400.

How do you deal with loneliness? The problem with my first job wasn’t the job itself—it was how few people I knew at the company. In most structures throughout my life—family, school, college, sports—we bonded as teammates and community members because of shared goals, ideas, and dreams. Yet at work, I barely had friends. PerhapsKeep Reading

Indianapolis: PowderKeg 2012

I spent the last weekend in Indianapolis, Indiana, as part of the inaugural 2012 Powder Keg Conference put on by The Verge celebrating StartUps, Developers, and Innovation in the central hub of Indiana. While I’d been to Indiana before, I’d never made it to Indianapolis, and it was beautiful to see another Midwestern city inKeep ReadingKeep Reading

The Conference that Doesn’t Feel Like a Conference: Touch Down in Nebraska For Big Omaha, 2012

**A quick update for everyone who voted on the last post: First, an overwhelming thank you of gratitude, because I don’t know what I did to deserve all of you, but you’re absolutely the greatest. I put together a survey in the question about my future projects and more than a hundred of you responded to myKeep Reading

What’s Your Story?

You.  On the cover of a magazine. Big, bold, splashy words. You’re wearing something sharp. Five years down the road from now, you’re doing an exclusive interview, and someone is telling your story to a captive audience. Just a few questions for you, in this daydream: First, what magazine would it be? Second, what wouldKeep Reading

Rock Their Socks Off: How to Create An Online Profile

Who are you? How do you describe yourself to other people? Business cards are great – for when you meet in person. (I love the ones I have!) But you can’t send them out via email or snail mail. And email signatures are becoming so inflated, it’s downright annoying. (You know what I’m talking about. TheKeep Reading

Guest Post: 7 networking tips for Generation Y | By Rebecca Thorman

Chairs in Paris, Photo by Sarah 7 networking tips for Generation Y  |  By Rebecca Thorman Everyone hates networking in the beginning. It feels unnatural after we’ve been spoon-fed our friends in high school and college. Nevertheless, I forced myself to go to networking events a few years ago because my boyfriend at the timeKeep Reading