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The freshman heartbeat (and hello, Fall!)

The freshman heartbeat (and hello, Fall!)

On the open road (Photo by Sarah Peck) Something about the rustle of the wind changes when the summertime ends. The heat is still there, but the undertones of the wind are brisk, cool, and cleaner somehow. I feel like the sky is a bit brighter, even as the end of the day shifts towardsKeep Reading

Thoughts on failure

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about making college and career choices. It was a response to an email I received from a previous student resident of mine, asking my opinion about making college decisions, choosing a major, and building up a life plan. In my response, I talked about failure: “Failures areKeep Reading

Choosing and switching a college major

Hi Sarah, I’m a junior in college, and that essentially means that I’m supposed to have my life figured out, but I feel like that’s not true at all! I am still undeclared in my major, although I’ve been focusing on economics and international studies during my first two years. I’ve been looking for jobsKeep Reading